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Jack Brand's story:

Country/rock artist Jack Brand was born in Clearwater, Florida and grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was the middle child of two siblings, both an older (Karen) and younger sister (Heather).  He can recall at 5 years of age sitting at home on his parents garage floor with an old record player playing and singing to Beatles alongside  a stack of 45 rpm records.

It was during this period of his life he realized his true calling.
Though he did not begin singing professionally until his early twenties, his early years were rich with varied hobbies and interests including exotic pets, snake hunting, camping, wood working, archery, motorcycling, bicycling, high school cross country, martial arts,  wrestling, weightlifting, and singing along with his favorite artist's recordings.
At around 20 years of age he began taking voice lessons with the late great vocal coach Al Koehn in Clearwater, Florida.  It is during this most inspiring  period with the renowned vocal coach, he began to act on his true calling.
For the next several years he performed in local rock/pop bands in and around St Petersburg playing various events,  bars and venues. At one point even touring the state of Florida in a top 40 country band.
In the midst of his artistic journey he caught the acting bug as well and acted professionally around the State of Florida performing on stage, and in commercials and films.
In 2004 Jack and then wife (Daiva) purchased a Barth Motor Home and made a most memorable 17 day trek across the United States to Los Angeles where he spent the next several years honing his professional acting skills and singing in top forty rock bands around L.A.  It wasn't until he joined a country music band that he realized his musical direction.  This was indeed his career epiphany and this country/rock singer has been going at it full throttle ever since, even taking a hiatus from his acting pursuits.
Currently he manages and performs throughout Southern California in his country rock band; JB and The Big Circle Riders, as well as recording his own acquired original country/rock material.
  Hence his EP: "Chasing a Rainbow"
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