1. Between Stages
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Between Stages

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Written by Music and Lyrics By: Justin Busch and Jeff Dane


Between Stages
Music and Lyrics By: Justin Busch (Justinrbusch@yahoo.com) & Jeff Dane

4 bald tires
Long lonely road
Got another 200 miles
Yet to go
Your memory
Still can’t escape it
Between stages

Tired motel
Same worn out lines
From another girl I won’t see after tonight
Your memory
She can’t erase it
Between stages

Up here in the spotlight
Everything is alright
These are the moments
When I finally feel fine
The only thing I’d change is
The time, between stages

Corner booth
Jack on the rocks
Pic up my phone
To call you then I stop
Your memory
Has got me wasted
Between stages


When the lights go down
After my last song
I’m just praying that it won’t last long
Till I’m…