1. Lottery
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The song "Lottery" is a pop/country diddie about euphoric new love!
Written by Larry Jay, recorded by Jack Clark Brand at Barth Studios.


V1-The way u hold me girl is a good sign
If love’s a gamble-well it’s worth the time
I’m betting on this hand I hold
With all I got and all my soul
Can’t help myself- you’re always on my mind
ch--Girl I’m so hi on kissing you
that looking down is hard to do
I crave your love cause it’s all I’ll ever need
If I’m ever down 2 my last dime
I’d still be rich if u were mine
Cause baby when you’re leaning in on me
It’s like I’ve won the lottery
I’ve won the lottery
v2- Now and then . the end and in between
I'll go all in on all your hopes and dreams
if love is just a kiss away
my lips are yours now everyday
and everyday is-- what I mean
Br-and it’s so good –yeah it’s so good to know
That u want love more then u want gold
Let’s take a chance – see how far we go
I hope u want me to
Go round the world with you

Tag –I wanna tell the world when you’re with me
I feel just like I’ve won the lottery-I’ve won the lottery