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Written by Larry Jay
A song about stoically moving ahead with life after a relationship gone wrong due to a partner's infidelity.


It’s Gonna Take Some Time(till I don’t think of you)

It’s 4am-I can’t close my eyes
my ceiling- stares at me-all night
I’m thinkin bout you-I don’t know why
Cause I already told you-my last goodbye
It’s gonna take some time-
Till I can stop your memories from running –all around my mind
tll I forget the writing—that I knew was on our --bedroom walls

it’s gonna take some time –
until the day my moving on
has left you –really far behind
and in the end –I wanna find
-- I don’t think of you --at all
it’s gonna take some time
3rd ch tag—and in the end I wanna find I don’t think of you at all
it’s gonna take some time

I heard you had a lover on the side
the truth hurts – but not as much as your lies
you always said I was your only one
but you kept on doing –what ya should’nt have done


and even if time takes it’s time
I’ll still get over you
If I don’t waste another day
Lookin at your name on my tatoo



I know it's gonna ,take some time till ,I don't think of you at all------it's gonna take some time