1. Young World

Jack Clark Brand takes you on a magical, nostalgic journey back to the 50's era in this well crafted love song with its twangy guitar and tight doo-wah style harmonies.


Young World

It's a young world, when you're in love, you're in a young world

So take my hand and let me show you . . . just how true young love can be

It's a young world . . . And if you'll tel me you're my one girl

You'll make my whole life worth livin', just by givin' your love to me

All of the world is a treasure . . . When you have someone to care,

Promise me your love forever . . .

And we'll have the whole world to share

And it's a young world . . . When you're in love, you're in a young world,

If you believe what I've told you,

Let me hold you, Say you love me.

(Repeat Chorus)