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Jack Clark Brand continues to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary
country music with this bouncy, uptempo release! Written by Jerry Fuller.1080p camera


Lone Star Memories

Texas my Texas why can’t you set this cowboy free
I dream of Wanda in Waco and Rose of Laredo and
How they both got their spurs in me
And the way Mary kissed me when I left Corpus Christi and
Ran off to join the rodeo
And I remember the alimony
When I think of San Antonio

Those lone star memories keep ragin within me like a
bluebonnet plague that I can’t fight
Goodbyes and exes come to haunt me all the live long night
No matter where I travel from Maine to Seattle
They’re still deep in the heart of me
Because I’m never far from a jukebox bar playin’
Lone star memories

Alice from Dallas lived in a palace like a queen
She got her daddy to hire me and later to fire me when
She learned of Ruth in Abilene
And there’s a tear stained pillow where Sue in Amarillo was
Anticipatin my return
I’d like to go back and be forgiven
But there ain’t a bridge I didn’t burn